The Campervan Habitation check is designed to ensure that your appliances and accessories are working efficiently and that no dangerous faults have developed. It is a comprehensive assessment of the

  • Electrics

  • Gas

  • Ventilation and heating system 

  • Fire Safety 

  • Under body

  • Water System

  • Body Work                                      

The habitation check will also ensure that all the basics such as locks, catches, cabinet doors and rock n roll bed etc. are all in full working order. It is also important that checks are performed to ensure there is no water ingress in your leisure vehicle. Early detection and prevention is generally cheaper than a cure.

If any faults or deterioration of your Campervan or Motorhome are noted then G&P Campervan’s technicians will contact you and advise on the necessary course of action and provide a quote for any required works.

G&P recommend that your vehicle is inspected annually to ensure it remains in tip top condition. Even if your vehicle has only ventured out a couple of times over the year, it is still important to have it’s annual check as lack of use can cause it’s own problems. This comprehensive assessment can take up to three hours to complete and therefore it may be practical to combine your check with your yearly MOT to save time and money.

To book your annual Campervan/Motohome Habitation check call us today on 01889 508098/89 or email

Mechanical engineer.