Campervan Servicing, Repair and MOT Staffordshire

We have a fully equipped workshop to keep your Campervan or Motorhome in tip top condition

G&P Campervan have a fully equipt garage in which to carry out your servicing requirements. The MOT test should not be considered as an alternative to servicing, as this is a safety check.

G&P Campervan recommend a full service every 12 months. If you complete higher than average milage over the year, we recommend an interim or 6 monthly service.

G&P Campervan can service all makes of vehicle, campervans, motorhomes and cars. It is false economy to avoid a service, as a properly maintained  vehicle will be safer, more fuel efficient and more reliable. Any problems with your vehicle will be detected at an early stage and are less likely to result in a breakdown or costly repairs. Vehicles that have a full service history generally hold a higher price and will attract more buyers should you ever wish to sell.

To prevent you forgetting your service ask about inclusion into G&P Campervan’s database so that you can receive 6 monthly reminders for your campervan servicing needs.



Timing Belt Changes

Your timing belt is recommended to be changed every 100,000 km, we can advise you and change if necessary.




Speedometer Changes

Prefer to read your speedometer in miles? No problem we can convert your reader on your imported vehicle from km to miles in a jiffy.

Speedo changes


Do you have an imported vehicle and want to keep the original Radio/CD?

Japanese Radio problems

If you are keeping the factory fitted radio/cCD player that comes with an imported vehicle, you will find that Japanese radios are designed to receive from 76MHz to 90MHz only here in the UK broadcasts in that range are few and far between.

Wave band expanders are the simple solution, thus enabling you to tune out of Radio 2 and into larger range of radio stations. They simply shift frequencies so the radio will receive 86MHz to 108MHz. Please enquire for details.




To book Campervan Servicing, Repairs or MOT’s in Staffordshire, call us today on 01889 508098/89 or alternatively email¬†